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ABCe reveals statistics about newspapers online

25 Nov

In our Journalism class we did a small experiment where everyone rated five different websites in pairs rating the quality, navigability, design, choice of content, multimedia, live coverage, user generated content and ways users can access content. The results were surprising as not the Mail Online but the Guardian.co.uk website was voted as the best online newspaper website on overall experience.

ABCe reveals Mail Online is the most viewed website of the UK.

According to a research done by the statistics instution ABCe, the Daily Mail website is the most viewed newspaper online with 50m monthly browsers.

All of the online newspapers have recorded traffic growth but the Daily Mail Online has seen the largest increase in both monthly and daily average users with an improvement of 54% from the same month last year.

Mail online registered more than 2,5 million daily users with the Guardian.co.uk as the second biggest with two million average daily browsers.