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One in five of world plants are endangered.

2 Oct

22 per cent of the worldโ€™s plants species are threatened with extinction and are as threatened as mammals, due to human activities. This is the first time we have a clear picture of the extinction risk of 380.000 plant species, according to a shocking report from researchers of Kew.

This was assessed at Kew together with the Natural History Museum and the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) in response to the UNโ€™s International Year of Biodiversity and the 2010 target. The sampled Red List Index for Plants is the first study of its kind and looks at a broad variety of rare and common species.

Kewโ€™s director, Professor Stephen Hopper, is alarmed and said the importance of plants has been ignored.
The findings are weeks before governments meet to set the new targets for 2020 at the United Nations Biodiversity Summit in Nagoya,Japan scheduled for October 2010.


This is my version of our first assignment for the module Journalism, Technology and the future. We received a press release which was in the newspapers recently and were asked to shorten it, make the language more concise, rewrite the headline, add hyperlinks to further information.

I started by taking the information, I thought was most important, and making a much more concise story out of it. Then, I checked the source provided and other sources to add hyperlinks and further information. When I completely finished I made a list of sources and added a picture and included the source for that too.