Assignment 2010-2011

17 Jan

A Leading cancer charity organised annual Pudding Race at Covent Garden in London to celebrate the amount of cancer survivals have tripled due to better research, according to Cancer Research Aid Committee.

Cancer Research UK, funds over 4,500 scientists and doctors in the UK and called on their supporters to take part in the 30th Pudding race event which took place 4th December. Dressed up as Christmas puddings, they raised money for its cause as Matthew Walker gave out free puddings to the crowd.

A spokesperson of Cancer Research UK said: “This is a great step forward for society. More than 80 per cent of all cancer patients survive because we obviously have better research but.”

The race was organised by CARC, a voluntary movement of Cancer Research UK that raises funds. The race has been a success for over 30 years and raised over £900,000 along with providing equipment for the charity.

Celebrity Masterchef winner Lisa Faulkner teamed up with Matthew Walker, to entertain the audience during the event by sharing the best tips to make the perfect Christmas. There were also special appearances by Charles Court Opera and the West End Gospel Choir who completed the festive atmosphere.

Anne, who works for Cancer Research UK said: “It’s really important we keep doing these charity events because due to research, there’s a really good chance of recovering and that’s amazing really. The government can’t fund all the research but because of events like this, my son recovered from cancer.”


Contact details:
Cancer Research UK
Telephone: 020 3469 8300

Cancer Research UK Surbiton
Anne (specialised in charity events)  – works every Friday
Telephone: 020 8399 6384

200 word media plan

Interactive map with all the events funded by Cancer Research UK throughout Britain: It becomes more organised for people to see what is happening and they become more aware. They can also see if an event is occurring nearby that they might want to go to.

Video of the scene preferably with famous people hosting or attending the event and giving people who benefit from the event a chance to talk how it benefits them: Will give a more human interest to the story and people are always interested in celebrities and if they are associated with the event, this will already attract readers to be interested in joining upcoming events.

Picture of the Event, pictures illustrating the mood and atmosphere of the event with a focus on human interest: Will give the readers a taste of what it’s like to be there and encourage them to join an event in the future.

A trivia/Challenge as interactive graphic: Readers can test their knowledge about cancer by answering questions and therefore raise awareness.

NOW CAM! : People can look at the event as it’s happening through cams at the event and see the event happening before their eyes.

My multi media piece!


One Response to “Assignment 2010-2011”

  1. Trees Dijkmans January 19, 2011 at 10:02 pm #

    Dit was heel mooi weergegeven, het leek nu of ik er zelf bij ben geweets.

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