Kingston university students revive the yellow duster.

13 Oct

                                                                      Click here for more pictures.

The yellow duster was given a makeover, by two design students from Kingston who met while studying MA Curating contemporary design, and was a shocker hit at London Design Festival where they exhibited the 100 best ideas at Tent London under the title ‘Everyday Delights’ where the stand had a constant flood of visitors.

They saw potential in the concept and asked London designers and also held an open competition to recreate one of the most ordinary household objects, the duster and received all sorts of things ranging from baby boots, a portable seat and a robot.  The plan was to use the most common everyday object to promote the creativity of London’s design scene.

A first years, interior design student commented, “ I think it’s something unique and haven’t heard anything quite like it before. It shows a good way of recycling products too. It’s also a good idea to use every day objects, plus convenience, price and availability play a role too. It’s very creative and any one can now take their duster and make something, it’s possible”.

The design duo graduated this summer and set up the JJAM Curators’ Collective which is one of the successful companies produced by the course. They willl have new plans coming up which will reveal themselves around Christmas time.



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